The Issue of NIT, Srinagar – The Honorable Minister

To The Honourable Minister, 

Ministry of Home affairs

Dear Mr. Singh

Just to gently remind you that our group had submitted a memorandum to your ministry in the aftermath of the JNU incident and had met you personally to give you some concrete suggestions over it. 

The issue of JNU has not pacified yet and here begins another problem at NIT, Srinagar. 

While whole-heartedly appreciating the efforts of your Ministry, we at GIA have a few concerns and suggestions too which we would like to share with you: 

  1. Campuses be made free of all kinds of anti-nationalist elements
  2. Strict exemplary action against the perpetrators of outrages and violators of human rights
  3. In view of the lathi-charge on the tri-color we demand students feel safe and secure
  4. The MHRD team has met the students and other stakeholders, we suggest that your Ministry work in coordination with the MHRD on this complex issue for a permanent solution
  5. The State Government should be handled boldly so nationalist students feel secure. 

We request you take note of the above suggestions in the interest of the country. We as a grou extend our full support to this national cause by appreciating, suggesting and cooperating on issues at our end. 

  • Indian Nationalism
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