When GIA Turned One – The First Anniversary Celebration Report

Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA)  has m registered its not – to- be – missed presence in the academic and intellectual circles of the country by working tirelessly for almost a year for the society  by being  sensitive to all the current happenings shaking the collective psyche.

The one-year-old baby GIA celebrated its First Anniversary Programme on  6th   May  2016 at Hansraj College,  University of  Delhi.  The Chief Guest  of the programme was  Manniya Krishan Gopal  ji, the  Sah  Sarkaryawah of RSS, Guest  of Honour Geeta  Munde ji and keynote Speaker,  Monika Arora  ji.

The programme commenced with  the introduction of GIA by Dr. Poonam Kumaria who not only spoke about the objective and mission of GIA  but  very  ably  synchronized the various achievements of this vibrant women group. The group is actively  engaged in organizing seminars, activities and discussions on  sensitive issues  concerning society  like  the  case  of judicial  hanging of Yakub  Memon, JNU  issue  and  respond to other  concerns of social security and  national integration.

Monika Arora,  the  Keynote Speaker  of the programme and  the Convener of GIA, spoke in  her  immaculately aggressive style  about the  rich  idea  of nationalism prevalent in the Indian society  when other  civilizations had not  even  seen  the  light  of day.  She lamented the loss of patriotism as exhibited in the JNU incidence and  the  expression of grief  of the judge  writing the  bail order of Kanhaiya.

Roaringly she challenged those  teachers who have  been  trying to pollute ideas  of students through JNU type  Pathshalas and  divide the states  in  the  name  of religion, customs and traditional  practices. She  warned them  to beware as we are a unified cohesive body and not  different pieces  of a dice  that  can  easily be broken and  divided.

She asserted that  India  is a land  of diversity not in the sense of geographical variation but because of the  presence of multi-races and languages in  the  country which  have  been surviving and  flourishing since ages. Further making a reference to  our  ancient glorious civilization, she  continued that  when other countries were  struggling with  their  search for  fuel  to  cook  their  raw  food,  India  had already created rich  literature like  that  of Vedas. She  further shared about   how  even Muslim dominated  countries like  Indonesia have  been  inspired by  the  Indian ideology, religion and  the  concept of Vedas and  that’s why  they  still worship Ganesha and  Sarswati as  their   deities   of  knowledge,  and   even named their  airlines  as Garuda .

The  brilliant speech  of Monika Arora  ji was followed by an enlightening exuberant lecture  of Krishna Gopal  ji, a true  nationalist and    Seh Sarkaryawah   in RSS, a fluent speaker,  a  w ell-read  man   with   perfect expression, informally called,  ‘Bhai  ji’ or ‘Gopal  ji’. As a social  reformer especially in the  area  of tribal  upliftment, he  began  his speech  with  the  concept of ‘Nation’  which according to him  is not an Indian notion but a perception which  comes with  the differences and the policy of ‘Divide and rule’ by British  imperialism. As the  manipulators of  economic,  geographical,  cultural  and political  resources of the  country, the British introduced the  one-nation concept as  if we were  not  a nation before.

Going into the etymology of ‘Nation’ (formation of colonies  for  others), he  went on  to  explain   that  the  term  is  related to intolerance and  exploitation which  is not the trait  of  India.  According to  him,  Poland, Ireland,  USSSR and   MNCs   are  the  best examples of this  division and  colonization which  flourished because of diversity on the basis of religion, custom, language and colour. We may have limited resources but our personal harmony enables   us  to  maintain unity  and  strength.

He further elucidated that the idea of ‘Nation’ is  nothing but  of  division  and   forming colonies  on  the  basis  of caste,  creed,  colour, race,   religion  and   histor y.   He   further emphasized that  India   has  sustained its religions, scriptures, historical glory  and  its traditions, blending even with other religions. In spite  of many  foreign  attacks  Indians did not lose its identity or disappear like European nations as  Indian society  did  not believe  in  the  uprooted principles of life. It was  possible as Indian soil did  not  just give birth  to  kings  but  to  some  great  spiritual leaders too  who  made humanity fertile  and cherished its  people with  love.  Tukaram, Gurunanak      De v,       Namde v,       Kabir, Vivekanand, Dayanand Saraswati and hundreds of other  names could  be  cited  to prove  it.

After  presenting his  thoughts on  Indian ideology, he  very  beautifully elaborated the meaning of Vande Matram,  which  he  termed as not mere two words but encompassing and signifying the history of India,  which  has the richness of  the  preaching’s of  Krishna in Shrimadbhagwad Gita to sustain the spirituality of India.

He  elaborated on  the  concept of Namaskar also  which  is a  symbol  of Indian tradition which  means ‘we accept everyone wholeheartedly’ and acceptance and salutation to  the  godly   presence  within everyone, not as a sign  of weakness or being inferior  by bending. He quoted widely from Rig Veda, Buddha, Tagore,  Vivekanand and even Atal  Bihari Vajpayee.

After  Krishan Gopal  ji, the  Guest  of Honour of the programme, Geeta Munde ji expressed her concern  on the issue  of disinterestedness of women in dealing with  and  responding to pertinent issues like nationalism. Focusing on the role of women throughout her presentation, she thanked GIA for its marvelous efforts  in  generating intellectual interest in  the  society  about  these  issues  by involving academician and intellectual women through movements and discussions. Concluding her  speech,  she  outstretched a concern     about     maximizing    w omen ’s participation in society and the big responsibility on the shoulders of organizations like GIA.

Congratulations to  all  GIAites,  especially Monika Arora  ji and  Lalita  Nijhawan ji for leading the  baby  GIA  to  newer heights! Expectations of the  society  are  also  soaring to  take  it  further to  cover  many  miles  and reach  innumerable milestones!



The writer is an Assistant Professor, RLA College, University of Delhi

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