Report on Brutal Rape and Murder Case of NIRBHAYA of Kerala (14th May 2016)

GIA came to know of Kerala’s brutal sexual assault, rape and murder case through the reports in daily newspapers and our conscience was shaken by the brutality of the case. We realized that the case was more brutal than the 16th December 2012 Nirbhaya case, but the collective force and pressure of media and society which had compelled the government and law enforcing agencies and got amendments in law was lacking in this case.

Therefore, GIA decided to form a Fact Finding Team and visit the place of crime in Kerala to have a first-hand information of the case and present its report to human rights’ and women rights’ agencies.

Our fact finding report presents the following information:

  1. Interaction with the victim’s mother, sister and neighbors, friend, the Sarpanch and Sh. MK Ambedkar who is a Prominent Dalit Leader and President of Preumbvoor Unit of KPMS (Kerala Pulaya Maha Sabha) (Pulaya means Scheduled Caste)
  2. Findings by GIAites regarding the severe and fatal lapses in the investigation
  3. Recommendations
  • Indian Nationalism




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