Regarding the Gruesome Murder of Dr. Pankaj Narang

To The Chairman,


Govt. of India

GIA members are shocked at the ruthless killing of a young doctor, a man from the noble profession, by aa group of fearless goondas who took his precious life in a matter of minutes without any fault of the deceased.

A Fact Finding Team of GIA was constituted and they have prepared a detailed report which is attached herewith.

We as an alert group expect appropriate action against all the criminals so that justice can be meted out to Dr. Pankaj Narang’s family and safety can be further assured to the family members and other residents of the locality. No inhuman activities take place again and people of the area can live a fear free life and freedom from Goondagardi. 

  • Indian Nationalism

Against the Hate-India Campaign at Press Club of India on 10 February, 2016

To The President

Press Club of India

Dear Mr. Jalali,

The country is witnessing shocking incidents which happened in the recent past where anti-India pro-terrorist slogans were heard asking for disintegration of the country. We demand the following:

  1. Proper investigation into the 10th February 2016 incidence at the Press Club of India
  2. Termination of membership of all such persons involved in creating hatred towards the country
  3. Examining and exposing the links who provide political, psychological, moral and financial support to anti-India persons and terminate their membership as well
  4. To frame guidelines so that the Press Club of India is not used by such India-haters in the future.

We as a socially active and alert group have witnessed that the Press has been exposing the traitors and hate-India brigade of the country in the past. We expect that the press will be more vigilant in future and will continue exposing such forces further.

  • Indian Nationalism

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