GIA’S FFT Report in the Mob Lynching and Murder case of Dr. Pankaj Narang (27th March 2016)

Members of GIA were shocked at this ruthless killing of a young doctor, a man from the noble profession, by a group of fearless goondas who took his precious life in a matter of minutes in front of all his family members as witness to the gruesome murder-his medico wife, widowed mother, 8 year old son, sister, brother in law and nephew. The attackers had come with the single intention of killing the man to death with sticks, cricket bats, lathis, and otheer blunt objects.

The shocking and heartrending facts with which the Fact Finding GIA team gathered are being reported threadbare……..

…..The terror and brutality in this specific case can be corroborated with the following facts gathered from the locality….

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