Kathua Incident: Fact Sheet by – Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA)

The report is to bring out the true facts about the alleged rape and murder of an eight year old girl belonging to the Bakerwal community in District Kathua, State of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The incident happened between January 10 and January 17,2018 and came into limelight in March-April 2018. As the media picked […]

Mahagun Moderne: Fact Sheet by – Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA)

On the evening of 12th July 2017 GIA members learnt about some altercation between the residents of a society in Noida and their maids. It was clear that the mob appearing in videos was a lynch mob. GIA team visited Mahagun Moderne Society and the victims apartment, they found out that the mob was predominantly […]

Report on Brutal Rape and Murder Case of NIRBHAYA of Kerala (14th May 2016)

GIA came to know of Kerala’s brutal sexual assault, rape and murder case through the reports in daily newspapers and our conscience was shaken by the brutality of the case. We realized that the case was more brutal than the 16th December 2012 Nirbhaya case, but the collective force and pressure of media and society […]

GIA’S FFT Report in the Mob Lynching and Murder case of Dr. Pankaj Narang (27th March 2016)

Members of GIA were shocked at this ruthless killing of a young doctor, a man from the noble profession, by a group of fearless goondas who took his precious life in a matter of minutes in front of all his family members as witness to the gruesome murder-his medico wife, widowed mother, 8 year old son, […]

रानी पद्मिनी स्त्री गौरव और शक्ति की प्रतीक, अभिव्यक्ति की आज़दी के नाम पर उनसे खिलवाड़ बंद हो

रानी पद्मिनी का उल्लेख कहाँ – कहाँ मिलता है, इस पर चर्चा करने से पहले चित्तौड़ के किले का उल्लेख अनिवार्य है. चित्तोड़ के किले का एक दौरा ही ये साबित करने के लिए काफी है की रानी पद्मिनी स्थानीय लोगो के जनमानस ने पीढियो से बसी हुई है. इरफ़ान हबीब जैसा कोई इतिहासकार अगर […]

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