Distortion of History – “issues, challenges and scope of improvement”

Cinema is the most beautiful combination of art, literature and science. Bollywood movie based on historical events are usually riddled with historical inaccuracies and confused its audiences.

Bhansali in his movie has pictured the love scenes between Rani Padmani and Alauddin Khilji and hurt the sentiments of Indians, especially the Rajputs.

Padmini is seen as a queen carrying the essential values of the normative Rajput order: honor, chastity and patriotism. The queen becomes a patron goddess.

Through cinema we should propagate our cultural values which are an inherent part of our religion. Thus, there is a need that such negative projections of Hindu deities and of Hinduism should be stopped.

Textbooks and the Hegemonic War against the Idea of India

History and its interpretations have been used to purposefully educate a generation of Indians who are ashamed of their past. Noted anti-colonist crusader Amilcar Cabral clearly says that colonialism takes away from the colonized a sense of their history and culture. This makes it easier to colonize them. For India, this process of hegemonisation has still not ended, more than 70 years after colonials powers left from her shores.

  • Distortion of History in Bollywood and Textbooks, “Movie Padmavati Controversy” 

साम्यवादी गैंग के बाद अब अंडरवर्ल्ड के गिरोहों का बोलबाला है बॉलीवुड में, फिल्मो में अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी के दुरूपयोग पर कड़ी नज़र ज़रूरी

ये संतोष की बात है की भारत की कई पीढियींओ में दुराग्रह और फुट के बीज डालने वालइ साम्यवादी गैंग अब समाप्तप्रायः है, लेकिन इस्लामिक साम्प्रदायिकता और कट्टरवाद को अंधाधुन्द बढ़ावा देने वाले महेश भट्ट सरीखे लोग अब भी मौजूद है. हैदर जैसी फिल्मो बनाकर भारतीय सेना जैस प्रतिष्ठित संसथान को  भरद्वाज जैसे लोगो की भी कभी नहीं है. अच्छी बात ये है कि अब भारतीय युवा और फिल्म दर्शक पहले से कही अधीर पढ़े-लिखे और समझदार है और वो अपना और अपने देश का हिट-अहित बेहतर ढंग से समझते है. एक और संतोषजनक बात ये है की अब मनोरंजन के लिए सिर्फ फिल्मो ही नहीं, टी.व्. भी है. फिल्मे भी अब पहले से कही ज़्यादा तादाद में बन रही है. इससे लोगो को अपनी रूचि के अनुसार फिल्म देखने के ज़्यादा विक्लम्प भी मिल रहे है.

  • Distortion of History in Bollywood and Textbooks “Movie Padmavati Controversy”

Debate on Death Penalty of Yakub…How Significant?

I think Yakub’s death was indeed motivated; motivated by the need for justice.

For more than two decades Yakub’s case was going on at multiple levels of judiciary. It is a strong message to the society that law prevails.

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

Yakub Memon’s Case and the Crying Need for Media Literacy

The recent hanging of Yakub Memon…the world of social media was abuzz and the average citizen almost felt that they were watching a ‘public’ assassination of an innocent fellow citizen.

On issues like Yakub Memon, if there are concerned citizens who wish to set the record straight, they should engage in well thought out media literacy campaigns that are designed to counter biased media. A vital step would be connected with estranged and alienated communities who are manipulated and stereotyped by vested interests in the mainstream and social media.

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

A Yakub Hanging: A Time for Awakening

In the wake of Yakub Memon’s execution, I, like many others have been trying to understand why there is so much noise in the media and the various acts of law, nor am I a politician who can fight for any party. I am just a law abiding citizen and aspire for a safe, secure and terror free India for the coming generations.

Citizens awaken and put your country on the right footing, where lives of men, women and children are free from the fear of terror.

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

Making Sense of Democracy in India

‘Memon brothers and the Mumbai blast’ article, where Mr. B. Raman, former Additional Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat, head of the counter-terrorism division of the research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), speaking through Ms. Sheila Bhatt, essentially sums up his entire argument against the death penalty for Yakub Memon in the paragraph reproduced below…

….The media while arduously debating over the issue, never asked any of the esteemed panelist as to what being ‘informally picked up’ meant?

Our naive and incredulous media however, finds it democratically gratifying in pitting tweets against legally credible evidence on prime time television.

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

Games Played on Yakub’s Case

In the recent past, India has witnessed vigorous debates on the death sentence of Yakub Memon. Time has come when we wake up to the fact that each and every person of the society ahs a fundamental right to feel safe from terrorism. State has a duty to protect this right of individuals who form society. It is therefore appropriate that we should start seeing the blast victims, within the framework of the definitions of human rights, violated victims and underprivileged martyrs.

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

Challenges of Managing Stress by Modern Women

A lot of stress is created in the life of a modern woman balancing multiple responsibilities and relationships.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life and not all stress is necessarily bad for you. Some types of stress can actually be healthy and necessary. Other types may not be pleasant, but they don’t do any serious damage. Some types of stress however can create havoc on your body, potentially affecting nearly every aspect of your health. Learning about stress is the first step in effectively managing it and improving your life in the process.

So let us explore how you can effectively deal and manage stress in your life.

  • Challenges for Women in the 21st Century


Proud To Be “JUST A MOM”

Armed with a couple of gold medals, and impressive CV and a seemingly long list of achievements to my credit, at the peak of my career, I chose to give it all up for ‘Motherhood’. Let me confess with pride and gratification that my 8-year sabbatical for my kids was the best period of my life that was filled with unexplainable joy, bliss, satisfaction and learning beyond compare. So my humble request to humanity at large and my dear sisters is to stop constructing grand theories of what is best for us and stop binding us in value-loaded roles.

  • Challenges for Women in the 21st Century