Challenges Before Modern Day Woman!

“Women are the most untapped resource in the world.”

This aphorism seems almost like an axiomatic truth!

The most beautiful souls on this earth have to go through lots of ups and down in life but still is very strong enough to face the hardships and challenges in life.

We are facing what we call the five challenges of the modern woman. Let us explore how?

Freedom of Speech and Expression and Universalisation of Terrorism

Freedom of speech is God’s gift to mankind. Does it mean that we are also free to harm others in the name of exercising our right of free speech? If our Constitution guarantees us some powers, is it worthy to misuse these rights and challenge the same Constitution? 

It looks that in the name of freedom of speech some like Umar Khalid have a plan to form an anti-nationalist task force with the help of some leftist and communist. But what can be their purpose? 

The time will come when these anti-nationalist teach a lesson of unity in diversity and will realize the post-impacts of this intellectual terrorism. 

  • Fact Sheet on Freedom of Speech “Under Constitution of India”

The Truth about what happened at Ramjas College

The recent incident at Ramjas College has once again highlighted the negative role played by the Left in University campuses all over the country. Was the violence and the sloganeering seen at the site, a desperate and sinister attempt to replicate last year’s infamous February 9 incident at the Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus? 

Right now, there is a need to protect our students from political interference and to combat this kind of planned Campus violence. Delhi University has a clean, egalitarian image which must be safeguarded and maintained at all costs. 

  • Fact Sheet on Freedom of Speech “Under Constitution of India”

Political Vendetta

The genesis of Nationalism is older than what is believed to be its genesis – the fight against colonialism and imperialism. It is an ideology of strength in unity. 

A healthy democracy respects the opinions of others. In the garb of freedom of speech, talks of disintegration of the country are uncalled for. 

Radicalism in all forms is not accepted and especially not if the idea seeks to threaten the country. Communal parties need to understand the true nature of development led nationalism and promote the idea of trust based on governance and silent protecting. This is to be concluded with my India, best India, i.e. Mera Bharat Mahan. 

  • Fact Sheet on Freedom of Speech “Under Constitution of India”

Why Universities in India should not be allowed to indulge in Vulture Politics over Kashmir

Last week Ramjas College was witness to an ugly confrontation between students over an invitation extended by the Department of English of the college, to Umar Khalid, doctoral student of JNU to speak as a panelist on a seminar on ‘Cultures of Protest’. 

The posts presented in this article tell a story of the deep unending misery being inflicted on the common Kashmiri. Hoards of Kashmiri students are looking for resumption of normal life outside the Valley. Will Nivedita Menon and  Umar Khalid listen?

  • Fact Sheet on Freedom of Speech “Under Constitution of India”

Indian Nationalism

As it is rightly said the most powerful weapon in the world to make or break the empire is thought, the vichaar. Where vichaar comes, four feet tall Hitler becomes the Fuhrer, the supreme leader of Germany and inhumanly murders over six million Jews.

Marxist and anti-nationalist teachers have put negative thoughts in the hearts and minds of students. It is time for treatment, and for action against anti-nationalist individuals.

  • Indian Nationalism

भारतीय राष्ट्रवाद

नाशनलिस्म विषय पर मुझे आपत्ति है। भारत की किसी भाषा में भी नाशनलिस्म का सही शब्द नहीं है। भारत में जो शब्द है वह है राष्ट्र और राष्ट्रभाव। जिस तरह धर्म का समानार्थ वहाँ नहीं है, रिलिजन का हमारे यहाँ है। इस देश में भूमि को माता कहा गया है। धरती मेरी माता है। यह नहीं कहा गया की मई मधुरा का पुत्र हूँ, मैं अलीगढ का पुत्र हूँ। चैन अमेरिका सब एक है। यह धरती मेरी माँ है।
हमारे देश के लोगो ने इस देश को माँ मान लिया चाहे वह पहाड़, सरोवर, नदी, मनुष्य, पशु, पक्षी, लोगो को ईश्वरीय भाव से जोड़ दिया गया। केवल मेरा फायदा हो ऐसा नहीं है। पृथ्वी पर सबको लाभ हो किसी को हानि न हो — यह है राष्ट्र दर्शन।
ज़िन्दगी के हर हिस्से में संस्कृति प्रकट होती है। राष्ट्रभाव प्रकट होता है। हज़ारो सालो से राष्ट्र को भौगोलिक और सांस्कृतिक दृष्टि से एक रखा है। देखिये कन्याकुमारी में पार्वती तपस्या करती है और शिव कैलाश पर्वत में विराजमान है। श्री कृष्ण द्वारका के रूकिमणी अरुवचल की।

  • Indian Nationalism

Life With Dignity Is That Too Much To Ask For?

I salute the ordinary woman. She deserves to be safe at home and outside. In Bharat, the idea of a woman is the idea of mother, shakti, janni. Efficient, fair and speedy justice is still a far cry, merely legal reforms will not help. Social reforms wherein there is no discrimination between a boy child and a girl child has to go side by side. Women require equal opportunities. The present day woman neither wants to be put on the pedestal of Devi, nor wants to be hit, abused and degraded like a doormat. What she is asking for is a life with dignity – is that too much to ask for?

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डाॅ0 श्यामा प्रसाद मुखर्जी और राष्ट्रवाद

मैं भारतवर्ष का हरदम अमित सम्मान करता हूँ,
यहाँ की चांदनी मिट्टी का ही गुणगान करता हूँ। मुझे चिंता नहीं स्वर्ग जाकर मोक्ष पाने की, तिरंगा में हो कफन मेरा बस यही अरमान रखता हूँ।

  • Indian Nationalism

महर्षि अरविन्द और राष्ट्रवाद

भारत के स्वतंत्र होते ही श्री अरविन्द ने भविश्याणी की थी- “भारत एक बार फिर एशिया का नेता होकर समस्त भूमंडल को एकात्मा की मूलभूत श्रृंखला में आबद्ध करने का महान कार्य संपन्न करेगा।

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