Western Theories of Nationalism and their Relevance to India

When the discussion is on theories of Nationalism three theorists should be mentioned amongst the many  that have contributed to   the field. These three   are   –   Ernst Gellner, Antony Smith, and  Benedict Anderson. Though their theories are detailed and complex,  here it would suffice to lay bare their core  ideas and  their implications for theoretical formulations of Indian Nationalism….

….The second is an anti-colonial Indian perspective. We must first reclaim our  rights over our  History, Identity, and  Civilisation. India’s Hindu roots are  the roots  of all her people, Muslim or Christian or Hindu. Once our roots are discovered we will also discover our  Nationhood.

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When GIA Turned One – The First Anniversary Celebration Report

Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA)  has m registered its not – to- be – missed presence in the academic and intellectual circles of the country by working tirelessly for almost a year for the society  by being  sensitive to all the current happenings shaking the collective psyche.

Congratulations to  all  GIAites,  especially Monika Arora  ji and  Lalita  Nijhawan ji for leading the  baby  GIA  to  newer heights! Expectations of the  society  are  also  soaring to  take  it  further to  cover  many  miles  and reach  innumerable milestones!

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विदेशी कलम से भारत गाथा

कोई तो ऐसी बात है भारत में कि जिसे देखकर प्रो. हिरेन ने कहा है-‘‘भारत एक ऐसा देश है जहाँ से न केवल बाकी एशिया बल्कि पूरी पश्चिमी दुनिया अपना अपने ज्ञान और धर्म के स्रोत के रूप में देखती है।’’

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शैतानी साजिश का मोहरा याकूब

याकूब को फांसी की सज़ा देते समय अदालत ने स्पष्ट कहा कि याकूब मेमन के दृष्कृत्य टाइगर मेमन के कुकर्मो किसी भी मायने में काम नहीं। धम्माको के लिए दोनों टाइगर और याकूब बराबर के ज़िम्मेदार है।

एक ऐसा व्यक्ति, जो पाकिस्तान का आई. एस . आई. की शैतानी चाल का हिस्सा बनकर भारत को दहलाने का षड़यंत्र रचते हुए सैंकड़ो निरपराधियों की हत्या का दोषी सिद्ध हुआ है, की सजा उनके मजहब से तेय होगी अथवा उसके कृत्या से ? यह मूर्खतापूर्ण तर्क है कि उस व्यक्ति के कृत्यों का दंड देने से मुसलमान समाज में गलत सन्देश जाएगा।

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

सार्थक बदलाव की पहल

इस सार्थक बदलाव के लिए नारी चेतना को संगठित होकर परिवार और समाज के दो नोटू के बीच अपना विस्तार करना है तभी यह राष्ट्र व्यापी ऊर्जा डीप से जलाती हुई  घर, गॉव, शहर को सद्भाव और सफलता के प्रकाश से आलोकित कर सकेंगे. इस अनुष्ठान का शुभ समय आ गया है.

  • Challenges for Women in the 21st Century

Decoding Media Messages in the Yakub Memon’s Case

Hectic media activity in the past few weeks in the context of the death penalty that was carried out in the case of Yakub Memon led to a huge volume of information and opinion that the average citizen had to face and subsequently handle. How does a media-literate population make sense of this media overload?

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

Lessons to be Learnt from the Yakub Episode

The brotherhood of grief and victimization witnessed at the funeral of Yakub Memon, the 1993 Mumbai blast accused who was given the death penalty, was not the first of its kind in the history of India and shall not be the last. The view that Muslims ar persecuted in this land has been a long-standing perception that could not be done away with even after dividing Bharat Mata into two.

…the Yakub episode throws the following challenges that We, as a Nation must address immediately and resolve as follows….

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

Challenges Before Modern Day Woman!

“Women are the most untapped resource in the world.”

This aphorism seems almost like an axiomatic truth!

The most beautiful souls on this earth have to go through lots of ups and down in life but still is very strong enough to face the hardships and challenges in life.

We are facing what we call the five challenges of the modern woman. Let us explore how?

Freedom of Speech and Expression and Universalisation of Terrorism

Freedom of speech is God’s gift to mankind. Does it mean that we are also free to harm others in the name of exercising our right of free speech? If our Constitution guarantees us some powers, is it worthy to misuse these rights and challenge the same Constitution? 

It looks that in the name of freedom of speech some like Umar Khalid have a plan to form an anti-nationalist task force with the help of some leftist and communist. But what can be their purpose? 

The time will come when these anti-nationalist teach a lesson of unity in diversity and will realize the post-impacts of this intellectual terrorism. 

  • Fact Sheet on Freedom of Speech “Under Constitution of India”

The Truth about what happened at Ramjas College

The recent incident at Ramjas College has once again highlighted the negative role played by the Left in University campuses all over the country. Was the violence and the sloganeering seen at the site, a desperate and sinister attempt to replicate last year’s infamous February 9 incident at the Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus? 

Right now, there is a need to protect our students from political interference and to combat this kind of planned Campus violence. Delhi University has a clean, egalitarian image which must be safeguarded and maintained at all costs. 

  • Fact Sheet on Freedom of Speech “Under Constitution of India”