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Nirmala Sitharaman: Should feminists be happy?

Recently India has been witness to historic and landmark changes, the tide is turning when it comes to women. 1. Maternity leave duration has increased to surpass most developed nations 2. Triple Talaq has been banned for 6 months during which the Central Government is expected to pass a law banning Triple Talaq for good […]

Gauri Lankesh: Regional journalist to national heroine?

With due apologies to the departed soul of Gauri Lankesh, a section of the country’s intellectuals and media are adept at conferring ‘sainthood’ and ‘martyrdom’ upon select individuals. They are masters at playing the victimhood card and deriving political mileage from certain unnatural deaths, as they are dexterous in the art of instantaneous cost-benefit analysis, […]

Hollow cry of the dispossessed elite

Blessed with an inflated sense of impunity, the all-India Lutyens brigade’s oracular intellectual, Ramachandra Guha, pompously declared after Kannada journalist Gauri Lankesh was shot that, “It is very likely that her murderers came from the same Sangh Parivar from which the murderers of Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi came”. Guha imparted this deep wisdom in an […]

“Uniform Civil Code: Drawing the line between religion and law” in TOI Blog

Uniform Civil Code Amendments have been made in all personal laws, except for Muslim Personal Law which until recently witnessed the Supreme Court’s historic verdict against instantaneous Triple Talaq (Talaq e biddat). As expected, some Muslim religious groups have come together to oppose the Supreme Court’s judgment stating that it interferes with their religion. Massive […]