Games Played on Yakub’s Case

In the recent past, India has witnessed vigorous debates on the death sentence of Yakub Memon. Time has come when we wake up to the fact that each and every person of the society ahs a fundamental right to feel safe from terrorism. State has a duty to protect this right of individuals who form society. It is therefore appropriate that we should start seeing the blast victims, within the framework of the definitions of human rights, violated victims and underprivileged martyrs.

  • The Case of Yakub Memon, Lessons to be Learnt

Challenges of Managing Stress by Modern Women

A lot of stress is created in the life of a modern woman balancing multiple responsibilities and relationships.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life and not all stress is necessarily bad for you. Some types of stress can actually be healthy and necessary. Other types may not be pleasant, but they don’t do any serious damage. Some types of stress however can create havoc on your body, potentially affecting nearly every aspect of your health. Learning about stress is the first step in effectively managing it and improving your life in the process.

So let us explore how you can effectively deal and manage stress in your life.

  • Challenges for Women in the 21st Century

Proud To Be “JUST A MOM”

Armed with a couple of gold medals, and impressive CV and a seemingly long list of achievements to my credit, at the peak of my career, I chose to give it all up for ‘Motherhood’. Let me confess with pride and gratification that my 8-year sabbatical for my kids was the best period of my life that was filled with unexplainable joy, bliss, satisfaction and learning beyond compare. So my humble request to humanity at large and my dear sisters is to stop constructing grand theories of what is best for us and stop binding us in value-loaded roles.

  • Challenges for Women in the 21st Century

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