GIA – Group of Intellectuals and Academicians

GIA is a group of empowered Indian women, intellectuals & academicians working together to elevate the position of women in our society, committed to work in the service of the nation.

These women of impact include national leaders, President Awardees, distinguished Supreme Court lawyers, industrialists, professors of prestigious institutions, principals of colleges, directors of institutes, internationally renowned artists/dancers, sportswomen, writers, poets, IT professionals and many others from various fields.


We aim to become the voice of the most silent and underprivileged section of our nation with legal and academic support.


GIA has the vision of bringing like-minded individuals together for the purpose of exuberating the nationalistic and patriotic unity in India.

We see a bright future for our nation and strive towards bringing equanimity, peace, and prosperity.


The nation comes first!

Every step taken for the benefit of the individual, is a step forward for the benefit of the nation.

GIA members are proud nationalists, and we strive by our ideal of our nation becoming a ‘Vishwaguru’.

The GIA Story

Nirbhaya incident on 16 December 2012 shook the conscience of the society and the nation as a whole. The hard reality of the helplessness of a young, professional, educated, modern woman even in a metropolitan city and that too in Delhi, that is, the heart of India was exposed. The problem was multipronged. Hence, the solution had to go beyond the analysis of the problem alone. It had to include and aim at finding a comprehensive strategy to provide women a safer place to grow up in.

We a group of socially active, professional women were perturbed by these events and wanted to contribute our time, energy and expertise towards the benefit of the womenfolk and the society at large.

GIA helped the police nab the perpetrator in the Jisha rape case

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